Music Theatre International Seeks Feedback on New Web Site

Posted July 22, 2009

Recently, the American Association of Community Theaters held their annual Festival in Tacoma, Washington. The Theater Association of New York State (TANYS) is a member organization of AACT, and has sent out this informative bulletin that I am pleased to share with you!

Laura W. Andruski
Moderator, Capital District Audition Listserv
Member AYW

We hope you enjoyed the AACT Festival in Tacoma as much as we did. The Festival was a great opportunity to share our different theatrical experiences and also address the critical issues facing our industry. For those AACT members who couldn't make it this time around we hope to see you next year.

You're Invited

Because you're a member of AACT , Music Theatre International is pleased to invite you for a sneak peek of our free online community, MTI ShowSpace. The site is designed with YOU in mind - helping to make every step of producing a show easier and more fun. At MTI ShowSpace you can:

* Share best practices and production tips with your professional network
* Select the best show for your organization
* Rent or purchase costumes and set pieces
* Communicate more effectively with your cast and crew
* Share audition and casting notices
* Learn how to finance a production, raise money and produce a show on a shoestring budget
* And a whole lot more!

In Previews

The site is currently "in previews," which means its only being made available to a select group of industry enthusiasts like you. Were hoping that youll take some time over the next couple of weeks to explore the site and let us know what you think before its worldwide debut at the end of the summer.

We strongly encourage you to participate in as many of the sites features as possible. This could include joining a group, sharing your expertise in the discussion forums and/or posting your favorite photos and videos.

Getting Started

* Visit MTI ShowSpace at
* Register an account using a valid email address
* You will receive a confirmation email asking to confirm your address
* To ensure that you receive this and other email notifications, be sure to set your SPAM filter to accept messages from . For specific instructions for your email client, click here.

Inviting Your Friends and Colleagues

Please feel free to send the invitation to your colleagues, friends, students (13 and over) and anyone else you think would be interested in making the site a vibrant and essential cultural forum. Feedback

We look forward to hearing any and all of your comments! Just click on the "feedback" link at the bottom of every page to send us an email. Thanks for your participation and we'll see you on MTI ShowSpace.

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