New York State Museum Seeks Actors & Set-Builders for Haunted Museum Event

Posted July 27, 2009

The New York State Museum’s “Haunted Museum” event – which was once described by the Times-Union as “6,000 feet of pure terror” – will be taking place again this October 2009, and the Museum needs folks with experience in the performing arts to help with it. The Museum is seeking people with “set building” experience to help create the “Haunted Museum” as well as folks with acting experience to serve as “scare-actors” to frighten visitors to the “Haunted Museum.” This is strictly a volunteer gig; your compensation will be the deep sense of satisfaction that comes from scaring people half to death! Costumes, make-up and refreshments are all provided. This is an opportunity to apply your talents to an event that supports an important cause. All the proceeds go to the Museum’s after-school program for under-served city youth, which depends entirely on grants and contributions. If you’d like to be part of the fun, please contact Pat Whalen at either or (518) 473-2936.

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