Greene Room Productions Gears Up for Auditions and New Season

Posted June 2, 2009

Greene Room Productions is launching two main stage shows (Oliver! & Little Shop of Horrors) to be performed at the Academy of Music in Northampton, two children’s shows (The Polar Express & Really Rosie), touring to local schools and performing at the Monson Developmental Center Auditorium, and a new creative educational outreach program that fuses fine art with drama, “Puppet Creations”. As a volunteer-run company GRP looks for local people to be a part of the costume, set, stage, and production crew, as well as act in all of the shows. Presently GRP is scheduling for the June Season Audition which allows participants to be considered for casting in all of the productions. Auditions are by appointment only and can be scheduled by calling (413)668-7284 or visiting

Greene Room Productions is dedicated to providing cultural learning opportunities through art, drama, and entertainment. In a time when the lay-off rate is huge and schools and families are going through financial crisis, creative programs are the first to be cut out of school curriculums and valued the least in many educational institutions. For those who are hands-on learners and creative individuals who need music, drama, and art to thrive, this economic time is detrimental to their development. Greene Room Productions is delving deeply into the educational outreach segment of the program for this reason. Children’s creative minds are the inventors, leaders, progressive thinkers, and problem solvers of tomorrow. GRP recognizes and understands this sentiment and as a result is making a concentrated effort to provide more opportunity this season. By participating in the main stage productions, members will have the opportunity to experience the professional development of music, art, and drama in a show. The children’s productions, “Kids Tour”, allow students to learn about the production process, acting, and working as a team, in a safe and fun atmosphere. These shows in particular have been very popular in the past and are a great opportunity for kids to sink their teeth into sizely parts that are normally occupied by an adult in the main stage productions. GRP also offers high school and college internships. Now students can earn school credit by working with and gaining experience through Greene Room Productions. GRP is dedicated to filling the gap that the recession has caused in the performing and fine arts department. To find out more details about Greene Room Productions and its’ upcoming season of productions and educational opportunities, please visit

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