Colonial Little Theatre Announces Auditions for Shaw's "Arms and the Man"

Posted July 21, 2009

The Colonial Little Theatrewill hold auditions for George Bernard Shaw’s satire Arms and the Man on Monday, August 3 and Tuesday, August 4 at 7 p.m. The theatre is located at 1 Colonial Court, Johnstown NY. Contact director Randy McConnach with questions at 1-914-649-4067.

Production dates will be October 9-11 and 16-18.

The beautiful and headstrong Raina eagerly awaits her fiance's victorious return from battle - but instead meets a soldier who seeks asylum in her bedroom. This is one soldier who definitely prefers romance and chocolate to fear and bullets. This extraordinarily charming comedy offers very different notions of love and war.

Captain Bluntschli- A man of about 35, a Swiss, fighting merely as a professional soldier; Has a quick, sure, businesslike attitude, but also an underlying incurably romantic disposition.

Major Sergius Saranoff- a tall, romantically handsome man, with physical hardihood, high spirit, and remarkable personal distinction of a characteristically civilized type. Also has imaginative lofty ideals, but his brooding on his failure to live up to those ideals creates a somewhat cynical scorn, a half-tragic-half-ironic air, and a mysterious moodiness.

Raina Petkoff- 23 years old- intensely conscious of romance and her own youth and beauty, has taken to abandoning herself to fiction. Raina is affected, melodramatic, has a superbly noble attitude and thrilling voice, and is intelligent with a sense of humor.

Catherine Petkoff- a woman over forty, imperiously energetic, who might be a very splendid specimen of the wife of a mountain farmer, but is determined to be a Viennese lady, looking astonishingly handsome and stately under all the circumstances.

Major Paul Petkoff- He is a cheerful, excitable, insignificant, unpolished man of about 50, naturally unambitious, but just now greatly pleased with the military rank which the war has thrust on him as a man of consequence in his town.

Nicola- He is a middle-aged man of cool temperament and low but clear and keen intelligence, with the complacency of the servant who values himself on his rank in servility; the very perfection of servile discretion.

Louka- a handsome, proud, defiant girl that her servility to Raina is almost insolent. She is afraid of Catherine, but even with her goes as far as she dares. Has no sympathy for Raina's raptures, and no intention to remain a servant.

Officer- A young Russian officer, in Bulgarian uniform, with soft, feline politeness and a stiff military carriage.

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