Aglet Theatre Announces Auditions for Fall Readings

Posted July 15, 2009

Aglet Theatre Auditions
August 3 and 4; 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Tri-Arts' Sharon Playhouse Bok Gallery

Call 860-435-0093 or for an appointment


Directed by Macey Levin
Presented September 26
The play is the story of three generations of women and the measures they take when their individual needs conflict with external expectations. Recounting their lives through moments of narration and flashbacks, it is a message of love and hope.

Dorothea: 70 years old (looks and acts younger,) independent with a strong-willed eccentricity, no-nonsense attitude, powerful with a generous and charitable side.
Artemus (Artie): 40’s; a biochemist; has an incredible memory; withdrawn; would rather be anywhere else but in her life; problems with communicating with her daughter Echo.
Echo: Teens; extraordinary intellectual abilities; suppressed anger toward Artie; a generous soul; a loner who’s afraid of not fitting in

Directed by Thomas Gruenewald
Presented October 24

The women in Boston Marriage live on society's fringe. The plot’s complications are the basis of urbane comic deception, but the play is no mere exercise in comedy of manners. The delightful and wicked premises are occasionally outrageous, but more often, blisteringly witty, a Mamet signature.

PLACE: the drawing room of a house in a New England city
TIME: the turn of the last century

Anna: an attractive articulate, independent woman, 35-50
Claire: her friend, somewhat younger; also attractive, articulate and independent.
Catherine: the maid; vulnerable, Scottish, 18-30

HEROES (Gerald Sibleyras, translated by Tom Stoppard)
Directed by Deann Halper
Presented November 4
A charming play about three aging veterans of World War I, who pass their days at a soldiers’ home outside Paris. Through their gossiping, reminiscing and harebrained schemes, they nourish the human instinct to break free from whatever confines and isolates us, an instinct that does not diminish with age.

All 3 men are in the late 60’s – early 70’s
All of them are quite alone in the world and just a bit pathetic. They are veterans, residents in an old soldiers’ home. 1959.

Gustave: irascible, undemonstrative, cynical, agoraphobic, blustering, self-important, domineering

Henri: enthusiastic, concerned for others, logical, clear headed, has a bad leg

Phillipe: endearingly innocent, nervous, prim, mildly paranoid

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