Photographs of ?? Stanton

Updated December 26, 2006

I know nothing about this beautiful young woman other than that her last name is Stanton. This page from the University of Washington Library shows several young actresses of this era named Stanton: Anna, Dorothy, Mabel, Merle and Vesta.

Internet Broadway Database lists many female performers named Stanton: Anna, Attalie, Babe, Barbara, Bebe, Clara Dorothy, Gertrude, Harriet, Helen, Joan, Josphine, Lillian, Mabel, Mary, Matilda, Merle, Myrtle, Olive, Sandra, Toni, and Val. Many of these can be eliminated because the were actively performing at the wrong period.

If you can add any further information about theis photograph, the photographer(s), or Ms. Stanton, please e-mail me!

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